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Today it provides a small beach, a marina and the main port for Greifswald.Greifswald was founded in 1199 when Cistercian monks founded the Eldena Abbey.In 1456, Greifswald's mayor Heinrich Rubenow laid the foundations of one of the oldest universities in the world, the University of Greifswald, which was one of the first in Germany, and was, successively, the single oldest in Sweden and Prussia.In the course of Reformation, Eldena Abbey ceased to function as a monastery.

Dating stralsund

Eldena lost its separate status and was later absorbed into the town of Greifswald.When Jazco of Salzwedel from Gützkow founded a Franciscan friary within the walls of Greifswald, the Cistercians at Eldena lost much of their influence on the city's further development. frau sucht mann Solingen Just beyond Greifswald's western limits, a town-like suburb (Neustadt) arose, separated from Greifswald by a ditch.The nearest larger towns are Stralsund and Rostock.The coastal part of Greifswald at the mouth of the Ryck, named Greifswald-Wieck, evolved from a fishing village.

Dating stralsund

In 1241, the Rugian prince Wizlaw I and the Pomeranian duke Wartislaw III both granted Greifswald market rights.In 1250, the latter granted the town a charter under Lübeck law, after he had been permitted to acquire the town site as a fief from Eldena Abbey in 1248.Due to a steady population increase, Greifswald became at the end of the 13th century one of the earliest members of the Hanseatic League, which further increased its trade and wealth.After 1296, Greifswald's citizens no longer needed to serve in the Pomeranian army, and Pomeranian dukes did not reside in the city.The area around Greifswald is mainly flat, and hardly reaches more than 20 metres above sea level.

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Two islands, Koos and Riems, are also part of Greifswald.

The city's population was listed at 55,659 in 2013, including many of the 12,500 students and 5,000 employees of the University of Greifswald.

Greifswald draws international attention due to the university, its surrounding Bio Con Valley, the Nord Stream gas pipeline and the Wendelstein 7-X nuclear fusion projects.

), officially the University and Hanseatic City of Greifswald (German: Universitäts- und Hansestadt Greifswald), is a city in northeastern Germany.

It is situated in the state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, at an equal distance of about 250 kilometres (160 mi) from Germany's two largest cities, Berlin and Hamburg, and 80 km (50 mi) from the Polish border.

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