Dating 40 Lolland

The easiest way to get around on Lolland is by using the local railway, Lollandsbanen, which connects the cities and major villages.

Stops are Nykøbing Falster, Øster Toreby, Grænge, Sakskøbing, Maribo, Ryde, Søllested, Avnede and finally Nakskov, and there is hourly departures from around 6.00 am to around 1.00 am.

Lolland is mainly a rural area, by that including a lot of activities for nature lovers.

Thus, the only city on Lolland not connected somehow with the railway system is Nysted, one of Denmark's smallest towns to receive city rights.You can shop basically anything you need for traveling in Nakskov, Maribo or Nykøbing, but there is no special brand stores whatsoever. netdating for ældre Albertslund In Nakskov there is a restaurant called Fjorden, with a wonderful view to the sea and 100 meters to the popular beach Hestehovedet.Plans for a "fixed link" are underway, but due to problems on the German side no reliable opening date exists.Danish is the official language of Lolland, as with the rest of Denmark.

Dating 40 Lolland

Knowledge of English is widespread among residents of Lolland, particularly in the younger generations who have studied it at school since a young age.However, due to being a predominantly rural region, Lolland is not as exposed to English language as those dwelling in the Danish cities.To Hamburg 4-6 times a day Rødby Færge (Ferryport) is also on the Hamburg line The closest airport to the island is in Copenhagen (IATA: CPH) ...200 km north!On the German side, Lübeck has an airport with limited flights.Nysted is especially beautiful as well, including 18th century town architecture, Denmark's oldest castle Aalholm Slot, and a beautiful forest northeast of the city.

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From Nakskov is it possible to go to Albuen with "Postbåden", a small passenger ship originally delivering mail to this off-the-beaten path area of Lolland.In Nakskov also Klaus and Kristinas Spisehus could be recommended, and in Maribo there is a restaurant called Bangs Have close to the lake and the woods.In Sakskøbing you might consider a stay at Sakskøbing Hotel, which have won prices for it's cooking.Lolland is particularly close to Germany and sees many tourists streaming from there each summer via the Rødby-Puttgarden ferry link.Thusly, it is not unusual for locals to have some knowledge of German, particularly if they deal with tourism.

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